Consultation Process

Our People

What we heard from our People
York Regional Police consulted with members and collected feedback to inform the current business plan through a variety of methods, including question and answer sessions with the Executive Command Team, focus groups, committees and organizational surveys.

Our people identified the following priorities:

  • Increase programs and opportunities for members to learn and develop new skills as part of succession planning and growth
  • Ensure transparent and consistent communication in messaging through all levels of the organization
  • Continue to build support and wellness programs that encourage work-life balance, as well as mental, emotional and physical health
  • Expand options that would allow more flexibility in shift start times and the ability to work remotely
  • Address staffing shortages and increased workloads so members can continue to safely and efficiently serve our community
  • Conduct space planning assessments to accommodate existing strength and anticipated growth, while upgrading necessary tools and equipment to accommodate member needs
  • Review internal practices and procedures to ensure they are equitable and inclusive