Plans and Budget

Budget and Financial Plan

The following budget forecast provides the estimated operating and capital costs to implement our business planning initiatives and provide adequate and effective policing in York Region. Any additional costs of implementing this plan, above and beyond the estimated budget forecast, will be identified during the annual budget process. The 2025 budget has been excluded as it hasn’t received Police Services Board approval.

YearCapital Budget (in Millions)Operating Budget (in Millions)Total FTECost per capita
2025Not Available

** Cost per capita is based on gross costs (excluding corporate allocations and amortization) compared to net costs being provided in past business plans. The use of gross costs standardizes the basis in which cost per capita is reported going forward.

Facilities Strategy and Management Plan

20-year Facility Strategy and Facilities Management Plan

The 20-year Facility Strategy is a comprehensive master location plan that leads us to the year 2036. It informs current and future planning for the optimal location of police facilities for the short and long term.

The Facilities Management Plan addresses the annual operational facility needs of the organization. Its purpose is to maintain safe and accessible facilities and address the operational requirements for the maintenance of systems. The plan also addresses construction, renovation or alteration work, ensuring that it adds value and is compliant with the Ontario Building Code, including the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Each year a status report is submitted to the members of the Executive Command Team and the costs associated are included in the 10-year Capital Plan, which is approved by the York Regional Police Services Board.

Information Technology Plan

Information and technology remain critical in driving digital transformation and innovation that modernizes our processes and creates substantial efficiencies. Our three-year Information and Technology Plan (IT Plan) aligns with the strategic goals identified in the 2023-2025 York Regional Police Business Plan. The IT Plan encompassed a wide range of technology domains, including digital transformation, sustainable innovation, strong technology security and infrastructure, as well as award-winning data analytics and business intelligence.

Road Safety Strategy

York Regional Police is committed to ensuring our roads, trails and waterways are safe. The 2023-2025 Road Safety Strategy encompasses the combined efforts of York Regional Police and our partners in reducing serious injury and fatal collisions, while also addressing a number of concerns identified by police and members of the community.